torek, 30. april 2013

Sand city

Some interesting facts about Dubai:
-indoor skiing
-the biggest Mall in the world
-the highest building in the world: Burj Kalifa 828m
-only 11% of citizens are locals
-it does rain in Dubai :)
-I haven't seen a camel or Sheik
-it is the fastest growing country of all the Emirates
-cars are really cheap and petrol also
-tax free country
-they don't believe in profits on your bank account with no interests
-men can have up to 4 wife if they can take care of them and their children propriately
-you need to have an alcohol licence to buy alcohol at stores
-Emirates are the only airline that has 2 shower spa on board in First Class only
-Emirates don't have seat number 13, because noone wants to sit on those
-in Ramadan you are not allowed to drink, eat, smoke or chew in public until the sun goes down
-you are not allowed to show you emotions in public (no kissing, hugging)
-you have to dress apropriately in public (no visible shoulders,knees,no shorts, short skirts, tops)
-never sit beside the taxi driver (it is agains law)

Photo: Karim Nafatni


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