sreda, 4. maj 2016

How to become a Flight Attendant for Emirates airline?

You might think that Emirates are looking for a perfect Barbie to serve and smile passengers, but that's so wrong. They are looking for diversity in people and they are not looking for models but for people with soul and "spices". Things that make you that special someone.
So...Yes, it means that everyone can become a Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew for Emirates.
Just keep in mind some things:
First of all - just be yourself!!
Third: you have to be people person and be prepared to work with all the nationalities and cultures.
Believe in yourself and truly wish for this job.
You have to except the fact that this job is not an easy one and you'll be working away from your family at the time you should be sleeping with people you don't know for people you don't know...

There's gonna be some rough times and easy times. But is so damn worth it!
This job will give you the wings to fly and to open you mind to see the world with different eyes. It's not just because of traveling but to see and meet people with different life story, different life situation, why they travel, why they work for Emirates. You'll get to meet all the religions and its habits, and your life will spice up with friends from all over the globe.. And you'll get a nice salary, apartment in Dubai, your own uniform etc.

Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime and apply for THE BEST JOB EVER here
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