Uffff...pozabljen blog. No skoraj! Ne mine dan ko nebi razmišljala o ponovnem povratku ampak čas gre prehitro in besede prepočasi natipkane. Iiiiiin kaj je novega?

Toliko se je zgodilo da sploh ne vem kje začeti.
No ja, ne letim več, vsaj ne po zraku, metla mi pa baje tudi še ne pripada, haha.

9 mesecev sem se redila in ustvarila novo bitje, ga povila in najinemu vragcu je ime Val in ni otrok, ki bi ga samo odložil in skoraj pozabil da ga imaš, kot velikokrat slišim od kake mame. Imava ornk živahnega fantka in dan ni enak dnevu, se posebej saj oči dela v Afriki in sva z Valom veliko sama. No ne glih sama ampak z ogromno mamicami, kolegicami, (pra)dedki in (pra)babicami pa čeprav še niso v penziji (o dedkih in babicah je govora seveda), žal ampak hvala bogu da so❤️

Tko da ja, slalomiram med vsemi opravki ki jih življenje prinese in poskušam da mi dnevno ne vrže ven vseh varovalk ali pa zmanjka energije. Zato pa hvala bogu za čudežno kavo, pa da mi očitno organizacija nekak kar gre, al se me pa Val usmili in popusti.

No ja, če rata, rata-če ne pa rineva nekak.

Tako da, ko me kdo praša kaj počnem in kaj je novega je to moj odgovor: če me ne ujameš med kuhanjem, hranjenjem, previjanjem.. Potem sem ziher v avtu ready za šetkanje, trgovino, kavo al pa kar nekam. Če ne se mi bi med 4 stenami najbrž mešal. Saj sem zelo rada doma, ampak bolj kot ne takrat ko je megla, dež ali pa čudna noč za nama. Ker ja, Val je zelo živahen (lepši izraz za hiperaktiven), že dolgo ima mama obdobje in ne zna se več sam zaigrat. Jbg očino bomo vse prerastli.

Aja pa še spanje se je porušlo že milijonkrat..

Tako da ja, to se mi dogaja.

What is it like to work for Emirates airline? A flight attendant tells her story

Working for the famous carrier Emirates is a dream for a lot of people all over the world. Last year more than 200.000 people applied for a job as cabin crew with Emirates, but only 3 per cent where successful and received there golden call. 
 A bit about myself
Hey there! My name is Nina and I’m 30 from Slovenia, Ljubljana. I was working with Emirates for nearly 2 years and a half and I must say that those were the best two years of my life.

 How did I get into this job?

I was really unhappy with my last job and I couldn’t fit in, so I was checking for other opportunities and I found out that Emirates will be recruiting soon in my home town. So I applied and went for the 3-day interview and got the job. I couldn’t believe it because everything was turning so fast and moving to Dubai was just around the corner.

What was the application process like?
First day there is a video about Emirates and the recruiters present the job itself. Then we submitted our CV’s with one passport and one full bodied photo. We had a short conversation with one of the recruiter and we had to reach for 212 cm. The one they choose were called in an hour for the next interviews. There was a lot of teamwork and fun. The whole interview was in English. Then they decided who to call further on and we continued with an English exam and essay. After that there was again another selection. And again some more challenging teamwork where everyone was confronted with some difficult situation that you had to resolve with recruiter. After that they called us later on for the final interview and afterwards we had to fill out the psychological test of our personality. The so called “Golden call” followed earlier than in a week and in two months time I was already on a flight to Dubai.

How long does the Cabin Crew training take and what does it consist of?
Training lasts for almost 2 months and consist of First aid-from fainting to child birth on board, Safety and security on the aircraft, Aircraft type and equipment and procedures and Service. Everyone starts to work in Economy class and later on if you show your progress you get the promotion to Business class, First Class or to Management positions.

What’s my favorite stopover destination?
Oh it’s so hard to pick only one. But I think I would pick Rio de Janeiro because its diversity and amazing landscape and vibe. Of course New York has always won my heart and there is awesome Cape Town, Singapore and Mauritius, San Francisco, Sant Petersburg ext.. 

What does the Cabin Crew get up to on a stopover and how long are your layovers?
A lot of things or nothing. It depends from one person to another. We got to stay in one of the best hotels all over the world and most of the time right in the city center. My goal was to have the whole experience and explore the places at the most even if I was awake for far to long. The will was just bigger than everything. The layovers were from 24 hours till 72 hours and pretty much we could do everything within that time as long as we were back and ready for the flight. So basically we did everything from Safari, mountain climbing, sightseeing, boat tours, shopping, cooking classes, meeting friends and family… amazing!

What’s the biggest misconception about the job?
I would say that maybe people think that we are only waitresses in the sky and we don’t have any education. And that is totally wrong. Most of stewards and stewardesses I’ve met have very high education, a lot of lawyers, mechanical engineers, doctors, economist ext.. but everyone has its own story why he joined. Maybe the economical crisis is really bad in their country, maybe because or salary or they were fed up with the routine life they had before, or some boyfriends/girlfriends issue. But most of us came because of travelling and the whole experience. 
The next misconception is that people think that when we are not around in the cabin that we are just sitting around, reading magazines ext. That is so not true-we had to prepare trolleys and meals needed to be heated, bar trolleys to be filled up and there were 8 stewards in economy class for 427 people so we couldn’t be everywhere at the same time.

How to deal with jet-lag?
I tried to stay up with the local time, even if that meant to stay up far too long. That kept me away from waking up at Dubai time in the middle of the night… most of the time. There’ s no perfect solution, I just always ate right and tried to have at least 8 hours of sleep and a lot of working out ext.

What is it like living in Dubai?
It’s a mind blowing city and it has everything from amazingly long beaches to all culinary choices and the biggest shopping malls, indoor skiing, the biggest aquarium in the world, most amazing hotels and resorts… It’s summer whole year long and I could say that is the cleanest and one of the safest place in the world. I loved the JBR area in Dubai Marina where there are amazing restaurants and walking area with breathtaking view. My favorite part is the Old Dubai so called Bastakiya and the Creek with the Souk. Also the fountains by the Dubai mall always left me with goose bumps and the view from Burj Khalifa is just wow.

What is the crew accommodation like?
They are all over Dubai and you get one or two flatmates. Unfortunately you can’t choose when you join, but afterwards you can move somewhere else. If you get your promotion you can move into single apartment or you can ask Emirates for allowance and live outside Emirates accommodation. The apartments are new, big and cozy, fully furnished and you get your own bedroom and bathroom, you only share living room and kitchen with others. They are clean and well maintained and secured, but after you move in you have to clean after yourself (there is no maids like in the hotels) and there is no bills to pay. Even the transportation in arranged to the airport every 10-30 minutes (depends on location).

How long is a contract? Can you extent it or leave early?
You get the contract for 3 years, but you can leave every time with 30 days leave notice period or you can extend you contact and make it a career.

What’s the weirdest request I had from a passenger?
Haha, I remember one guy coming to our galley (this is how we called the kitchen) and asking us if he could get everything that is for free. We just smiled and told him that there is 500 other passengers on board and that unfortunately he can’t get everything but we still gave him some nice treats.

Are there any things I did not like about the job?
As with any job there are ups and downs. I couldn’t spend every Christmas, birthdays, child births with my loved ones and of course I couldn’t manage to sleep every time before or after the flight but the job still had to be done so I did it. But there were so many positive things that you forget about not so good ones-that is just amazing how our mind works.

My advice to someone looking for a career as cabin crew?
Go for it! The whole experience is mind blowing and I believe that you can’t get this much of experience with any other job. Be positive, stay prepared for a lot of challenges along the way, but it’s so much fun. The people you’ll meet, the places you’ll visit… everything is so worth it! Just be yourself and want this job badly and it will be yours!

You might think that Emirates are looking for a perfect Barbie to serve and smile passengers, but that's so wrong. They are looking for diversity in people and they are not looking for models but for people with soul and "spices". Things that make you that special someone.
So...Yes, it means that everyone can become a Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew for Emirates.

Just keep in mind some things:

First of all - just be yourself!
Third: you have to be people person and be prepared to work with all the nationalities and cultures.


Believe in yourself and truly wish for this job.
You have to except the fact that this job is not an easy one and you'll be working away from your family at the time you should be sleeping with people you don't know for people you don't know...

There's gonna be some rough times and easy times. But is so damn worth it!
This job will give you the wings to fly and to open you mind to see the world with different eyes. It's not just because of traveling but to see and meet people with different life story, different life situation, why they travel, why they work for Emirates. You'll get to meet all the religions and its habits, and your life will spice up with friends from all over the globe.. And you'll get a nice salary, apartment in Dubai, your own uniform etc.

Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime and apply for THE BEST JOB EVER here

Almost two years and a half have passed and my decision about leaving Dubai was more than perfect as Clear Blue showed +.
Happy as I knew that my new exciting lifetime journey has started but sad at the same time when I knew that I had to say goodbye to my dear flying friends and that my flying part of my life has finished.

I can say that I don't have any regrets what so ever and that my time with Emirates was just right. I've traveled the word many times, I've been to places that I was just dreaming about and somehow I don't know how come I’ve got so lucky to have this experience.

I left Dubai more mature and more self-confident that I ever was and I realized that everything is possible in your life. 

If I could done it, you can do it too!!

Pristanek in iskanje restavracije za večerjo. Rekli smo da si želimo dostojno hrano in ne fast fooda. Pa smo šli v italijansko. Italijanka Silvia se je kar naježila, ko nam je natakarica razlagala da ima ona tudi korenine iz Sicilije in da se res spozna na italijansko hrano. A hrana je bila super, pa čeprav nam je natakarica poskusila že med prvimi grižljaji ponudit posodico za hrano s seboj, češ da imajo pač tako velike porcije.
Naslednji dan nas dež ni pregnal nazaj v postelje in odpravile smo se na raziskovanje mesta s tramvajem. Klanec gor, klanec dol in bile smo v pristanišču s pogledom na zapor Alcatraz, pogledale vse barvite vrstne hišice, Golden Gate most in znani klanec, zvit ko kača, kjer avtomobili vseeno vozijo.
Prekrasno mesto.

Na letu do tja sva se razvajala v business classu nizozemskega prevoznika KLM in udobno spala na stolu-postelji, jedla hrano kot v restavraciji in res začela dopust v stilu:)
Življenje na Kubi se je ustavilo več kot 30 let nazaj. Država kjer še vedno vlada socializem (Slovenija oz Jugoslavija je več kot poznana in dobrodošla), kjer na cestah brnijo ameriški avti iz 50-ih, kjer ljudje nimajo nič a so srečni, kjer se sliši in pleše salsa na vsakem vogalu, in kjer ti kot tujcu na vsak način želijo prodat cenejše "original" cigare.
Nimajo računalnikov, (globoke) televizije so za nas predpotopne z dvema kanaloma, za internet so slišali a ga nimajo, vsi otroci se igrajo na ulicah, iz kartonastih škatel si naredijo baseball-ski kij in igra traja do pozne teme.
Pomanjkanja je ogromno, trdo milo je izredno dragocena dobrina, vsak mesec lahko družina kupi le določeno količino hrane na bone in hrane pravijo da ni dovolj za cel mesec, a kljub vsemu so vsaj ženske močno predebele. $25 je povprečna mesečna plača zdravnika, $40 pa policista. Pravijo da je v Havani je 2 milijona prebivalcev, 1 milijon civilistov in 1 milijon policistov, in res vlada red in strah, policisti so na vsakem vogalu.
Mi smo za Kubance premikajoča se vreča denarja, na vsak način bi radi od nas največ, a na prijazen način. Za njih smo ljudje kapitalizma, kjer se cedita med in mleko, a se na žalost ne zavedajo da je njihovo življenje v marsikaterem pogledu kvalitetnejše.
Kubanec se s tujcem ne sme družiti, razen študentov. Študenti pa samo študirajo in delati ne smejo, promovirajo lahko le razne dogodke oz lokale, in če prideš tja z njimi še oni nekaj dobijo. 

Nikjer nobenega norenja, čakanje v vrsti npr. za banko je običajno več kot 1 uro. 
Tetoviranje pri njih je blazno in, in smešno poceni-za ogromen barven tatoo na nogi je Ana Chaila odštela $15.
Ne smejo iz mesta kjer živijo, kaj šele iz države in to ne glede da svoj status, kljub temu da si lahko privoščijo.

Spala sva pri domačinih, ki so nama zjutraj pripravili zajtrk in nato sva se podala na ulice. Ker sva bila v starem delu Havane, sva imela vse na dosegu: pristno Havano in čez 10 min hoje center in turiste. Najela sva cabrio taxi iz 50-ih, naslednji dan kočijo s konjem, po večernem obilnem dežju sva najela coco-taxi ki naju je čez luknje in poplavljene ulice dostavil do stanovanja, peljala sva še z rikšo..
Vzporeden svet in enako tudi valuta: turisti in domačini. Cene za turiste so postale evropske, barantanje je obvezno, ker ti postavljajo enormne cene.
Ljudje pa še vedno telefonarijo iz telefonskih govorilnic.

Trinidad naju je prevzel in prečesala sva ga po dolgem in počez, tu nama ni nihče nič ni vsiljeval in prodajal in barvite hiše in prijazni domačini so naju navdušili. Stanovala sva pri Juliu, ki ima za njihove razmere cer dvorec v vasici La Boca. Mala vasica kjer sva se zbujala s petelini in šla spat s kurami, z malo plažico polno domačinov, ki nabirajo školjke in lovijo ribe. Julio naju je razvajal z božanskim zajtrkom in jastogom, ribami in rakci za večerjo. Zadnji postanek pa je bil v rajskem Varaderu, z 20 km plažo in kristalno čistim morjem, koktejli dokler ne omagaš in poležavanjem na sončku in vodno zabavo z ogromnimi valovi.

Kuba je še vedno "ujeta" v filmu iz 60-ih, katerega še dolgo ne bodo nehali snemati.